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  • Juhi Varma
    Student's view
    My daughter, Aashna has been taking your Vohra classes. She feels that even after she is doing her questions correctly in math, the same questions are repeated. So I want to understand what is happening, I feel this way she will not be able to progress much. My goal is to prepare her for Sat/ Act which is near. I just want to make sure that her class time is used well , keeping in mind about her goal. And I feel there is not much time , so my concern is , that at this pace when will she be ready for ACT /SAT?
  • Josh Emanuel
    First time with Vohra method
    My first experience with Vohra method went well. What I really like about Vohra method is that it is very unique and different from other teaching styles and really helps me think at the same time as improving my vocabulary and skills to use with the SAT.
  • Emily Covey
    You are awesome!
  • Poornima Vasanth
    Very interesting seminar, enjoyed it.

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