Systems Chiropractic Group
11628 Old Ballas Rd‎, Suite 217, St. Louis
SCG is a chiropractic clinic with your needs in mind. It is fully holistic and we look at each person as an individual.


  • Michael Mahon
    Great Results!
    The whole-body approach utilized by Dr. Hogan addresses not only the physical pain that gets patients in the office, to begin with but the systemic issues that factor into causing the pain. As a clinical psychologist, I thought that I knew myself pretty well but I have learned so much from Erin in just a handful of sessions! She has helped not only with my physical symptoms but I have completely restructured my nutrition as well. As a result, I feel stronger, more focused and have significantly improved energy. I can't recommend her highly enough!
  • Leslie Echterhoff
    I'm new to chiropractic care and Erin had done an excellent job of making me feel comfortable and educating me about my care. Highly recommend!
  • Gilio Gherardini
    Dr. Hogan is part of a new generation of Chiropractor.
    When I first saw Dr. Hogan, I was having severe LBP with sciatica. While her techniques seem to be a blend of classic chiropractic along with a 'body as a whole approach', her results are undeniable. After 30 minutes with Dr. Hogan, my LBP was 90% improved. After only a few weekly follow-ups, my difficulties were gone. -I recently returned to Dr. Hogan after dislocating a rib. To be continued...
  • Bill Ruhl
    Dr. Erin Hogan...Absolutely the best!
    Finally a Chiropractor that actually fixes stuff! I've been to other Chiropractors is the past where you feel some what better after you leave but then the pain comes back. Dr. Hogan's approach is holistic and it works! Her treatments fixed a problem that I really thought was one of those things that "you're just going to have to live with". It's obvious that she cares about her patients and is a consummate professional.
  • Debbie Lexow
    Dr. Weston picked up where Dr. Todd left off. He is so intelligent and has made my life even better in the short time I have been seeing him. He was helping Dr. Todd and so glad to have Dr. Weston as my Chiropractor . What a joy to be feeling better., he gets to the root of the problem. Highly Recommend Him!!! Thank you and Blessings
  • Shauna Rae
    Great experience
    Erin is a great chiropractor. She is professional and is good at helping you feel better.
  • Debbie Lexow
    Dr. Todd has made a difference in the quality of my life. I've been going to a lot of medical doctors in the last three years. In just 1 month Dr. Todd has been able to diagnose the problem and make a major difference in the quality of my life. Highly Recommend Him! Thank you and Blessings
  • Great Doc!
    Yup Dr. Todd is the one even other Docs go to! Highly recommend for any functional medicine issues. If you want to get to the root cause of any of your symptoms; he’s your guy! Thanks Dr. Todd!

Our providers

Dr. Weston Holzinger
Dr. Erin Hogan
New Patient Visits are scheduled at 1 Hour for a full consultation, exam and treatment. Follow up visits are scheduled for 30 mins.
Dr. Hunter Overley
Dr. Todd Hakanson

Our services

New Patient
These appointments are reserved for patients that have not been to see the specific Doctor before. Regular patients will receive a full consultation, exam, and begin treatment on the first day!
1 hour
Follow Up Appointment
These appointments are reserved for patients that have already had initial exams.
30 minutes