Sweeney Ted
Level P1 @ The School, Jaya One, 72A, Jalan Universiti, PJS 13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 46200
Personal, individually tailored haircuts, beard trims and hot towel clean shaves.


  • NQ
    My hair grew shorter
    Ted, the craftsman is the kind of barber who can make your hair grew shorter. what i mean by this is that he will leave your hair looking like it is not being cut, it will look naturally short as if you didn't went for a haircut. He has perfected his scissors skill and scissors is all he will use if you request it that way. I am very impress with his skills. The place and equipment are all clean. I highly endorse this place if you appreciate a level above saloon type hair cut.
  • Jay-r Valer
    I always think of barbers as artists. Ted is one of those with amazing craftsmanship. Always a pleasure having his masterpiece done on my head!
  • Jerry C. Liang
    Fully Satisfied
    There are barbers who just cut to make our hair short, and then there are barbers who make us look good. Ted obviously belongs to the second. He is also very courteous, careful, and creative in his craft. I like the comfortable ambience of his shop too
  • Wilkinson Tan
    Great experience
    Thank you for the great experience. A lot of care was given, and I am very satisfied.
  • Joel Mislav Kunst
    Great experience
    Very friendly, professional and skilled hairdresser.
  • Mus'ikhmal Mustaza
    This time I had a shave and hot towel package to end my #movember ni shave campaign. Great session as always :)
  • Kelvin Lee
    Professional Barber. Meticulous and skillful in his craft. Would definitely come again for my next haircut.
  • Kelvin Yap
    Barbershop Experience
    Environment: Clean and quite with light music. Ted: Gentle touch and excellent skills. I am happy with the hair cut Ted gave me today. Highly recommended to visit.
  • Siow Yee Zhe
    Leave with a smile
    A passionate barber. Very meticulous on every detail on the customer's need.
  • mus'ikhmal Mustaza
    Ted is an expert + experienced barber. Just let him know what type if hairstyle you looking for, he will advice accordingly, rest assured the result will be satisfied. Oh, the hot towel facial are refreshing! Thanks Ted!
  • Ken Lee
    Passion For Pie
    Although very contrasted to the crazy experience of the barbershop demon that his shop's name is inspired by, Ted's sense of style fits right in to the eccentric, meticulous yet marvelous mind of the films core character with myriads of creativity spilling out, yet it's person ever composed and polite. Basically, he's an ordinary guy with the extraordinary gift of creativity with hair. Awesome banter too. Have been going for some time now. Never left unsatisfied. HOT TOWEL is amazing.
  • Derick Ngai
    Master of his Craft
    Left the barber shop as a happy and returning customer. Really impressed with Ted's attention to details and he will constantly asks if you're comfortable with the hairstyle that he will be going for.
  • Jerod Tan
    A very good experience..
    A cozy barber shop with a master in side . Pls do enjoy the great hand work of the master !!
  • Florence Gan
    I was watching him outside his shop while he cut his customer's hair. He is very patient and pay attention to every detail of his cut, he really make sure the hair cut is done perfectly! To me, being meticulous is an asset for a Barber.
  • Nabil Naidu
    Barber of Quality
    A good quality service with a trustworthy sense of atmosphere. Ted, is a good man who is passionate about what he does and provides the perfect attention to detail you’d expect from a good barber.
  • Jerome Caesar Kay
    Best haircut i’ve gotten in klang valley area thus far
  • Lucius Choo Seong Chen
    Simply Superb
    The quality of the haircut as well as the service is something i really like. Especially when Ted shares his thoughts on my hair during my first time there really shows his passion to his craft. I also love the place's simple set up that gives it a very clean ad modern feel. The wait and early planning to secure an appointment is well worth it.
  • annuar zaki azmi
    5 stars!
    attention to details!
  • phillip sim
    5 star
    Satisfied with the haircut and styling.
  • george
    Finally managed to get an appointment (my fault, not Ted's). I like good service and good quality, Ted delivered on both counts. A hidden oasis. Will be returning, no doubts whatsoever . Thanks again Ted !
  • Ching Boon Tan
    Ted was patient and attentive to my concerns regarding my hair. Great attention to detail was given when styling my hair. Ted is also a nice and pleasant guy to have a conversation with. First time having a hot towel - I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Music and ambience is top notch too. Satisfied with my haircut. Thank you!
  • Adam Yeap
    Great vibes & great attention to details! 5-star service!
  • Jason Lau
    Best Barber I'm finally sticking to
    Ted is very professional and on top of that has great attention to detail. He will never rush a hair cut and will always achieve the desired outcome. I haven't had a barber that I can stick to in years and I can say now that I have finally found one. His friendly personality and character is a plus!
  • Irwan Suharto
    Great attention to detail
    Awesome service. Ted has great attention to detail and really does cater to your preference. Will definitely return.
  • Dharmain Ramasamy
    5 Star Gold Standard
    This is my third cut at Ted's and I still give Ted a 5 Star. Thank you Ted!
  • Kukendran K.
    Amazing haircut!
    Great haircut and definitely we'll worth the price. Ted was very patient, careful and extremely detailed in his haircut. Will definitely return here for a haircut and recommend it to anyone looking for a new barber.
  • Lucius Choo Seong Chen
    Nice place! Passionate sylist! Awesome haircut!
  • Philip Gan
    Awesome Experience!
    Always a great cut experience every time with Ted. Love the ambiance and hot towel at the end. Highly recommended.
  • Lex L
    Great experience, definitely coming back!
  • Myke Ong
    Cut-to-Precision Experience
    Impressed with Ted's patience and attention to every single inch and strain of my hair throughout that one hour. The experience was incredible, which gave me the exclusiveness of being styled to perfection. Last but not least, love Ted's taste in music (Jazz) and interior decoration of his barbershop (Minimalism). Highly recommended!
  • Jun Koe
    Definitely a must visit barber shop, simple yet fascinating. The shop provide one of a kind experience that you can't get in salons
  • Mohd Ashraf Razin
    Had a great first experience at sweeney ted. loved the cut, the ambience and the hot towel. Highly recommended
  • Hong Chuang Loo
    Great Experience
    Love the service, the cut, the conversation, and the environment. It was my first cut with Ted and will certainly be a regular.
  • Roy Cheong
    Love it
    This owner operated barbershop provides incredible service and value. Ted is a master barber and very meticulous. Very humble and pleasant gentleman. Highly recommended.
  • Lum Chang Thim
    Ted done a Great Jobs ....Love my Haircut very Much .... Definitely will go back again.
  • Andy Kow
    The Makeover
    Got a chance to get a haircut...well more like a small make over from Ted. Thanks for your patience, attention to detail and your time. Love the shop, minimal with only what is necessary. Hot towel after a haricut? That's definitely a first for me. Thumbs up from me, keep it up and I'll be back.
  • Nick Alec
    I'm A Regular
    Been getting my haircuts from Ted for almost 2 years now. It's been really consistent and Ted pays extreme attention to detail. He also is really helpful to help suggest hairstyles that suits your hair/head type, inclusive of hair products! Hope this helps :)
  • Tim Soo
    First Time experience
    Overall my first hair cut experience in Sweeney ted was great. Ted explain everything in details on how the outcome of the hair will be and also how to style the hair. Will be def be back for my next haircut in sweeney ted!
  • Daniel Mak
    Worth It
    Back in late August, a close friend of mine was telling me how a haircut at Sweeney Ted would make me never want to go back to my previous salon. I booked a slot, had no expectations. An hour after the haircut, I was in awe at the work that Ted's done to my hair. Before the haircut, Ted would ask what type of style you would want, how short you want on the sides etc. The usual questions. I have never seen a barber with such attention to details. Different blades/shavers for different stages of the haircut. Ted even taught me how to properly style up the hair, with the right amount of product etc. I never walked back to my previous salon, don't think I would at all. Sweeney Ted's worth the drive from Cheras to Jaya One. Yes, the prices at your old salon might be cheaper, but you're paying for someone who knows their craft and does a fantastic job at it. Why walk out of a salon, feeling just satisfied? Never a day when I walk out of Sweeney Ted feeling nothing but great. 10/10. Trust me.
  • Eric Quah SK
    overall positive experience
    great attention to detail while styling, plus a calming, classy atmosphere - overall a winning combo
  • Rajan Rajadurai
    Simply Wow!
    I have tried salons in the past and always hated it. Hence I always stuck to the same barber for over 20 years. I went to ted out of convenience once, thinking he was just another salonand was expecting the same thing I get in salons. How wrong I was. He did such an excellent job and won't be going back to my barber of 20 years anymore. He is patient and precise with his cut.
  • Danny Leo
    A Breath of Fresh (H)Air
    Ted elevates the concept of barber to the next level in his minimalist one man show "studio". Yes...he's the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) who'll give your head a breath of fresh hair, literally. But don't take my word for it, check him out...expect the unexpected!
  • Galvin Wong
    First time
    Very detailed and nice ambience.. Will def be back in 2 weeks
  • Richard Ong
    Extremely satisfied
    Love the haircut and applaud the great service. Will definitely be coming back!
  • Rajesh Galia
    Ted is an Artist
    It was my first visit and I was impressed about his passion in what he is doing. I don't think I am going anywhere else.
  • Kevin Chua
    Excellent service, passionate in what he's doing!
    My first visit to Sweeney Ted left me amazed and super duper satisfied with the outcome. Ted's passion and attention to detail was excellent, advised me on the best haircut I could possibly have and voila! Definitely will be visiting him more now that I've found the best barber in town.
  • Johnathan Maxey
    The passion for the craft shines in the haircuts!!
    "Sweeney" Ted is a genuine craftsman. It's as if every ounce of his passion is expressed in his clients haircut and overall experience. Nothing feels as good as walking out of a barber shop with a good haircut, and nothing tops the walking out of Sweeney Ted's place with an outstanding haircut. I'll keep coming back as long as Ted keeps cutting hair!
  • Dharmain Ramasamy
    Attention to detail like no other!
    This was my first cut at Sweeney Ted and boy did Ted not disappoint. His attention to detail caught my attention from the get go. Super satisfied with the overall experience and will definitely recommend Sweeney to anyone looking for a really good cut.
  • Sylvain Vanderhaegen
    Attentive, dedicated and professional
    Ted delivers and provides great advice based on your hair and lifestyle, recommended!
  • Mark Ho
    Great cut and no fuss. Plus punctual and professional.
  • Lin Chung Yeo
    A session of spa for your hair
    Ted has been sculpting my hair for two years already. Never once I was disappointed by his styling, and always feel good after getting the cut. His patience, passion and attention to detail are the reasons why I always come back.
  • David Soo
    Will be coming back!
    Very happy with the end result. Appreciate his attention to details and his overall focus and care taken during the haircut. Well worth the money! And the ice cold beer was an excellent thought for winding down in the day. Will be back for more Ted.
  • Jamie Allan
    Attention to detail level 100!!
    Just back from an incredible experience getting my hair and beard done at Sweeney Ted. Awesome experience and Ted has a masterful approach to hair which is unlike any other haircut I've experienced. Looking forward to my next trip already!
  • Danny Tan
    My 2nd time there and am very satisfied with Ted's cut & service. He doesn't over promised but under delivered. Definitely worth trying him out
  • Hong Yong Sheng
    Great first experience!
    First time trying out this place and the experience was great! The place was nicely lit and the music was just nice. They all come together to create a great environment to relax. Ted is extremely patient and open to the customers’ input for the haircut. He would give helpful suggestions whenever necessary. He is extremely detailed when it comes his work. He would always ask if he’s unsure of his client’s choices. Overall an amazing experience and was extremely satisfy with my cut. His suggestions all turned out great!
  • Anantha Bhat
    Always a great haircut and service!
    Ted is one of the few barbers I know who is both knowledgeable about his craft and the products he sells his customers. What's even better is that he is very approachable. I've always walked out of the shop feeling happy and satisfied with my haircut. Would recommend to anyone who wants a great cut alongside great service. It's a rare thing these days! Will be coming back for sure for my next haircut. Thank you Ted!
  • Shoo-in Cheng
    A "Monocle" standard service
    We have tried haircut at Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Shenzhen. Now the Sweeney Ted experience @KL is officially the best and could be the only reason we wanna visit KL again. Thanks Ted for the passion and look forward to our next visit.
  • chOo uEi
    Awesome cut
    Awesome haircut by the man himself. Will definitely return for my future haircut! Thanks!
  • Bryan Muller
    Great hair cut
    Awesome service!!!
  • TJ Chan
    Awesome Service
    Awesome service and good chat. Good to find a barber near this area. Will definitely be back.
  • Scott Lee
    Great news value for money.
    Had a great hair cut by Ted. Will definitely visit again.. Thanks Ted.
  • Kenrick Widjaja
    Personal Touch
    Ted is highly passionate to do hair cut. He did my hair like a piece of art.. Will return once I visit KL again.
  • Lee Weechee
    Awesome Services
    Definitely will come back again, satisfying haircut
  • Jym Doss
    Great Haircut
    Meticulous and thorough. A sweet place to get your hair and beard in shape!
  • Darren Ng
    Top notch
    Great hair cut and amazing service. Would definitely recommend and go back.
  • Salleh Dean Kodri
    Excellent, Awesome Professional Services
    Great barber, excellent services. Love the attention to detail he gave. Will definitely be a regular here. Thanks Ted.
  • Azam Ahmad
    Excellent Service
    Excellent service as always.Highly recommended!
  • Dennis Kam
    Best Barber in KL, hands down
    I've hopped around many hair-stylists and barbers, around the world; but I'm so proud to say that I've found the one. From his attention to detail, understanding of your hair and memory (he even remembered the haircut and how I like it from 2 months ago), Ted has the bona-fides of a talented barber. 5 stars!
  • Chun Hoong Mok
    Precision cut
    Cut with the precision and deliberation of a surgeon. My skull was practically 3d mapped by Ted as he styled around bumps on my skull that I never knew I had.
  • Isaac Yap
    First time and definitely more visit to come.
    Nice minimalistic yet function setting. Ted has good skills and the consultation before and after the cut was great. Not to left out his gracious workmanship. I'm loving my new hair.
  • Kelvin Koay
    Clean and Sharp
    One of the best haircut I had. Clean lines. Thumbs up for the new place.
  • Luc Mahsun
    Sweet haircut!
    Loving the haircut by Ted! Will come again
  • Shen-Weng Koh
    Tip Top
    Great guy. Nice hair cut and all round nice ambient place. Will definitely be back.
  • Shahir Afif Islam
    Got what I wanted
    Ted knows his stuff and his patient and clam demeanor is probably what you want from a barber. Will come back again.
  • Raymie A. Rahman
    Awesaome Barber
    The hair cut is superb, and of course will be my 1st choice Barber in town. Keep up the good work Bro Ted
  • keith wong
    Awesome barber
    Ted cuts like a pro with consistency and surely knows how to give you the cut which suits your features. It's my 2nd time back there and there cut just got better! Thumbs up Ted.
  • keith wong
    Awesome hair cut!
    Patient, professional, gives good consultation. Would surely go back there to get and would recommend to my frens.
  • Rabin Gonzaga
    Slick, professional service
    I can't fault Ted's service. Everything went smoothly and he understood exactly what I wanted. That's the kind if barber I need. Thanks Ted!
  • JiaWei Chong
    One of the best barbers in town!
    I've been getting my hair cut with Ted for awhile now; and he has provided the same level of consistency, focus, dedication, and patience to what he does. Definitely one of the best barbers to go to for a haircut!
  • Lai Joon Wei
    Wonderful services!
    Ted is one of the most dedicated barbers around. Always goes an extra mile for his customers. Highly recommended!
  • Aaron Yap
    Awesome Barber in Petaling Jaya
    If you are looking for a hair cut in PJ, you should drop by Ted's place in Jaya One. Definitely satisfying hair cut!
  • Mun Jack Chow
    Been cutting with Ted for a while now. Thumbs up! Great patience, great cut!
  • Nick Alec
    Had a great haircut with a genuine barber. Would recommend friends.

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Men's Barber Haircuts and Shaves

Our services

70 MYR
A men's tailored haircut (includes a *hot towel). *may be skipped if more time is required for difficult/overgrown/makeover haircuts or clients who are delayed.
1 hour
130 MYR
Haircut & Beard Trim (Clipper & Razor)
A men's tailored haircut & a beard trim with clipper and razor work (includes a hot towel).
2 hours
140 MYR
Haircut & Full Hot Towel Shave
A tailored men's haircut & a full hot/cold towel two-pass clean shave complete with pre-shave oil, luxurious hot lather and a moisturising aftershave.
2 hours
70 MYR
Beard Trim (Clipper & Razor)
A beard trim with clipper and razor work (includes a hot towel).
1 hour
80 MYR
Full Hot Towel Shave
A full hot/cold towel two-pass clean shave complete with pre-shave oil, luxurious hot lather and a moisturising aftershave.
1 hour