Spine and Health Events
Over the last 14 years Spine & Health have been Sydney’s leading posture experts. We are very active in the North Shore community educating people about posture and good health. As part of this initiative we’d like to offer companies on the North Shore a free Posture Talk and Individual Posture scans.


  • Alesha McMillan
    HSE Manager
    Wonderful service, thank you for providing education and assessments for our staff. We look forward to welcoming you back again!
  • Florbela Maria
    Spinal Check
    Excellent service and friendly staff.
  • Stephen Robinson
    What a great team
    Spine & Health attended our companies Health and Wellbeing Expo and have since returned to deliver a short seminar (which was entertaining and informative) and conduct in-house posture checks. Rhea, Adam and their team have been professional, friendly and supportive. Feedback across the business has been overwhelmingly postive. Thank you Spine & Health!
  • Georgia Williams
    Feedback - FCB Posture Checks 16.03.18
    What a wonderful session! I heard nothing but positivist from all who attended. The 'Adam's' and Steph were all lovely, welcoming and professional to each of our team members. I know that they all appreciated the knowledge that was shared, and the insight into their spines will help their future health. Once again, thank you everyone. I will be recommending we do this again.
  • Juan Carlos Araque
    The consultation was excellent, very useful.
  • Julia Proud
    Posture Assessment
    Rhea & Nic provided a great presentation regarding posture and highlighting the biggest issues with modern day living. It was great to get an on-the-spot assessment and with their help I'm looking forward to seeing improvements in the next few weeks. Definitely a worth while exercise for anyone that has to sit at a desk for any length of time.
  • Melinda Jane Deluca
    Feedback - session 6th July
    The towel trick is useful and all but that's about all I got out of the session... Hopefully I'll get something out of the session I'm paying for.
  • Bill Triantis
    Work Posture Check
    Very friendly and very informative, thanks.
  • Holly Melrose
    Great experience and we learned a lot!
    Thanks Spine & Health, very informative session and everyone loved receiving their posture scores.
  • Carl Sagstad
    Very informative
    We learnt a lot about the effects of bad posture, thanks for the pointers!
  • Damien Nehrybecki
    I am not broken
    I have been putting it off but finally had my spinal health check and though I need to correction to my surprise its not to bad.
  • Hilary Lamb
    Posture Advice
    The session was very informative in a practical way, with easily implemented ways to develop better posture.
  • Siddhi Neel Kothari
    Siddhi K
    It was great. Staff were friendly and they knew what they were talking about not like other corporate bodies :)
  • Risto Doneski
    Very informative and eye opening.
  • Marcel van der Geld
    It was all clear, and I know what I need to do now!
  • Hoai-Linh Dover
    interesting content
    it was all in all a great talk. it felt a little too rushed - as though rushing through to get an appointment. a little bit more time to explain in a more calm and slower manner would probably come across as more genuine. but again, all in all a great session!
  • RedBalloon Crina
    Very interesting conversation and great insights into posture improvement techniques.

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Westpac-July 10th
Sumitomo -July 27th
Broadcast Australia- July 18th
Executive Centre Bligh St -October 10th
Executive Centre Australia Square - October 17th
Executive Centre Barangaroo-October 11th
SAP-October 15th
Transport NSW Help St -October 16th
Transport NSW Zenith Centre -October 23rd
Campari-October 24th
Executive Centre North Sydney - October 24th
FOXTEL - October 19th
Executive Centre Governor Phillip Tower -October 31st
FOXSPORTS-October 30th
Vertex-November 1st
DIAGEO- November 1st
Mrs Macs - November 12th

Our services

Spine and Health Seminar and Posture Assessment
Since 2001, Spine & Health have been Sydney’s leading posture experts. We are very active in the North Shore community educating people about posture and good health. As part of this initiative we’d like to offer businesses on the North Shore a free posture talk and Individual posture scans.
10 minutes