Presidents Club
This leadership development program is designed to give agents the tools necessary to become the president of their business. Aside from receiving access to training resources, they will take you step by step to help your build your business from the ground up by teaching you the fundamentals of running a business.


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Our providers

Brandon Lontz
Brandon Lontz is a Business Development Advisor with Andy Albright’s President’s Club at Headquarters in Burlington, NC. Brandon specializes in business growth and development through motivation, strategy, and personal accountability. Brandon started working with The Alliance in October 2017 immediately training with the Agency Building Task Force (ABTF) and working closely with Andy Albright (CEO) and Robbie Craft (Chief of Sales), learning the ins and outs of selling, recruiting, and building to better help in President’s Club. Brandon lives in Durham, NC when he is not out traveling and teaching new agents to do what we do here at The Alliance. Brandon is more FIRED UP than ever to help your team, and The Alliance, HAVE FUN, MAKE MONEY, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Selene Valdivias

Our services

Goal set. Get started. Go serve.
30 minutes
Phone Script
What to say when you're booking appointments.
30 minutes
The best ways to hire people and get them started
30 minutes
What is Presidents Club? How can we help you? How can you best utilize this resource?
15 minutes