Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy
Have you ever wondered who you were in a different life? Or have a habit you would like to stop but can’t? Seeing clients in the Orlando and Miami areas. Take charge of your life today !


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185 USD
Past Life Regression
Ever wondered why you experience certain unanswered fears or phobias? Have you ever felt that your personal story is more than meets the eye? There are solutions to these unanswered questions affecting your daily life. Remember, you can’t move forward in this life is you are repeating the same mistakes you made in your previous lives.
85 USD
Chakra Alignment
1 hour
75 USD
Intuitive Guidance
1 hour
175 USD
Grief Healing Life after Life
2 hours
75 USD
Spiritual Development
1 hour
95 USD
Divine Energy Healing
1 hour