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  • Ashley Campbell
    Great reading with Lindsay!
    Thank you Lindsay for such a joyful reading. It’s exactly what I needed and I so appreciated you letting me ask questions. I will definitely be making another appointment with you and my friend has already signed up with you for next week! I fully recommend everyone to take advantage of a reading with such a wonderful soul :)
  • Alison Walker
    Intuitive Reading
    A few years ago, I was divinely selected to receive a mini reading with Lindsay on her radio show and the messages I received that day have continued to resonate with me over the years. I usually go to a local psychic in LA, but felt guided to reconnect with Lindsay. This morning, in just 30 minutes, I got my groove back! :) I selected an intuitive reading & within moments she was attuned to what was happening in my life & was able to offer divine guidance. I've always had some inklings of intuition & today she validated what I had been thinking & questioning. Not only is Lindsay accurate, but her positive demeanor radiates through the call and you're energetically recharged by the end of the reading. I'm so grateful that Lindsay shares her intuitive gifts with the world. I highly recommend a reading with Lindsay.
  • Elise Verstraete
    Total disappointment
    I never received a call at all. When I contacted the number on the website and left a voicemail, still no response. Would like a refund. That's all I can say Appt was today Aug 21 @ 9am Left a voicemail at 9:28 am the same day
  • Chris Rezendes
    Great session!
    Lindsay was great and was spot on with everything. Definitely helped me clear some things up. Thank you so much Lindsay!
  • Denise Marie
    Medium's need guidance, too.
    I am a Psychic Medium, but that doesn't mean I don't need guidance from time to time. I don't read for myself. So, when I am going through something, humanly or spiritually, I turn to Lindsay. She is a beautiful ray of light when my world seems dark and uncertain. I feel very blessed to know her. I highly recommend this very gifted woman.
  • Shannon Bettencourt
    Intuitive Reading
    It always goes by so fast -- book an hour! Lindsay is a pleasure to talk with and I always feel spiritually refreshed after our sessions. She's very talented at what she does and always accurate!
  • Denise Marie
    A Truly Gifted Medium
    Lindsay is so caring and understanding as a person, and that carries over into her Mediumship. She is the real deal. Her reading was so spot on, and she gave me insight into my life and where I am going. She pointed out things that have been going on and assured me it will be ok. I felt so free and light after our session.
  • Kim Dawson Stevens
    Great experience!
    Thanks so much for connecting us with our loved ones! We had a great experience and very comforting to hear things they passed on to you. Will definitely be coming back!
  • April Abel
    Lindsay was amazing and so spot on it is mind blowing... thank you for giving me the closure and confidence I needed to move forward. Your insight came at just the right time... my world was in a million pieces and you gave me the tools to put it back together. Would recommend her to anyone and everyone!
  • Leila Nano
    OH myyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....
    no words to describe such talent; kindness, humor and a perfect score in every single question or not even a question ;just there... Blessings and yes incredible!! Thank you and for sure see you soon again..(Shailene) :)
  • Sally Willey
    My time with Lindsay was wonderful and enlightening! She is so open and caring... I look forward to many more sessions with her in the future
  • Adrienne Saraswati Vanderocker
    Loved Lindsay
    Super filled with love, Lindsay completely tuned into several of my relatives and gave me beautiful insight and guidance on my life. Very grateful to have met her.
  • Emma Lundwall Segerstrom
    Thank you!
    I am so grateful for Lindsay and her gifts! It is always so reassuring to check in with her when I am at a crossroads in my life. She offers validation, clarity and insight every time, and I can't recommend her talents highly enough!
  • Megan Malkasian
    Great reading!
  • Jonathan Roberts
    Reading on 11/15/2017
    Wonderful reading. Spot-on on most things.
  • Angel Carithers-Brownlee
    Yoga Therapist
    It has been 25 years since my last reading and to be honest, I was a bit nervous. Yet from the moment we began our session, Lindsay's voice put me right at ease. It was astonishing how effortlessly she was able to connect to my past, present and future. In a way, it was a collaboration of hearts just going on an exciting adventure. It felt like I was talking to a good friend (and we've never met). The session was supportive, informative and confirming of what I feel life wants to do through me. From start to finish, an amazing 30 minutes with Lindsay and money well spent!
  • Katie Keck Chenoweth
    Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist
    Lindsay Marino is a gift! Through the phone you can feel her holding your hand guiding you all the way. Her ability to translate messages through the veil is extra- ordinary. I didn't expect how precise she would be in the info she told me. She relayed messages from my parents with info only the family could relate to. Just this week I looked at my index finger and noticed it looked just like my dad's. Dad came through showing his hands. Mom reminded me to pay attention to the birds I feed, especially the hummers.. This morning I was cleaning the Bird feeders and made a note to get more seed and had removed the hummer feeder to clean. These are just small examples of personal things Lindsay brought forward. Lindsay is the real deal! Can't wait to call her again. Love you Lindsay!
  • Lauren Grace Bejot
    Loving Spirit
    I had my first session with Lindsay, and she was so kind, thoughtful, caring and loving throughout all of it. Even with talking about personal issues, she was completely non-judgemental and truly guided me through the session. She is amazing, and I can't wait to book her again!
  • Rachel Luna
    Feedback on the Reading
    LOVE working with Lindsay! Every session has been 100% spot on. The detail and the clarity are beyond amazing. So grateful for her gift and her generosity to share so much in every session.
  • Morgan Gist MacDonald
    Lindsay's reading provided me super clear guidance on a couple of projects that I've been working on in my business, plus some insights on personal relationships that I've been struggling with. After the reading, I felt so calm, clear, and energized! And now, 2 weeks later, I've already started to see some of the things she saw come to fruition. And she TOTALLY knew things that she could not have known, so this is the real deal!
  • Tiffany Shield
    Lovely experience for my first reading
    Thank you Lindsay, I loved talking to you the other night and I really appreciated how much you cared that my questions were answered. I was surprised at how quickly accurate information came through. I don't know what I expected but I found our call to be abundant with insight and confirmation that I am surrounded by loved ones. Thank you!
  • Maureen Heffernan
    I just had an awesome reading by Lindsay Marino. She was spot on. She relayed information that no one would know. She was abled to connect with my parents an brother, who I wanted to hear from. It gave me a sense of peace. I feel closer to my love ones who have passed. Thank you Lindsay.
  • Pamela Holway
    Re: reading 4/4/17
  • Carmen Shields
    Brought joy to my heart!
    The reading with Lindsay was very healing and brought joy to my heart! Lindsay was great in helping me to connect with family members who have since passed on. I am feeling much more clarity, and peace thank you!
  • Sheryl Menah
    Gave Me Such Clarity!
    Lindsay's reading was so accurate and gave me so much peace and clarity about moving forward in my personal life as well as my business. It cleared up many things I wasn't quite sure about. Now I can move forward with confidence<3 Lindsay was super amazing at pinpointing exactly what I needed to hear at this particular time. It was just like talking with an old friend I had known forever! I will definitely be using her services again soon and highly recommend Lindsay to all my friends and clients. Much Love and I am truly grateful for this experience. I will treasure it always.
  • Carmen Shields
    Peace and healing
    It was divine timing that Lindsay was recently recommended to me by a new friend. I felt more peace and healing in the phone session we had that I have felt in the last 4 months since a loved passed. It was as if I was having a normal conversation with that person through Lindsay's facilitation. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with them and know their spirit is very much alive and surrounding me even when I am missing them in the physical being. Much gratitude to Lindsay!
  • Kelly Grant
    Thank you for the comfort you have given me
    I have had 2 readings with you Lindsay, and I am so grateful you were recommended to me. I know my daughter and dad are at peace and happy and that has brought my family comfort in the worst time of our lives, thank you!!
  • Maria Nahigian
    Session with Lindsay
    I truly enjoyed my reading by Lindsay, she was spot on with her reading and confirmed what I was looking for and needing to hear. I would highly recommend her.
  • Leslie Stewart
    I received an amazing reading from Lindsay this morning. She combined mediumship win her own intuitive read and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I didn't expect for my grandfather to come in and I didn't actually expect to want the mediumship, but when she asked at the start of our session my intuition said yes. Absolute gift to hear from my grandfather and his guiding messages for me, He passed before I was born but I've always felt a strong love and knowing with him. Her own reading with my questions was also spot on. Lindsay is lovely and generous ---highly recommend!!
  • Aldona Shea
    thank you!
    Thank you so much , was so thrilled to connect with my grandmother! you are amazing, so grateful for your insights.
  • Cathy Watts
    I recently had a reading with the lovely Lindsay Marino. Straight away she makes you feel at ease & automatically taps into your energy. Lindsay picked up on those around me and also my current situation. I'm just now waiting for it to play out as she says. Lindsay has a lovely caring nature and I would certainly recommend a reading with her. I shall definitely be back
  • Shannon Bettencourt
    Right on target
    Lindsay is amazing. She knew names and circumstances no one could possibly know. She was so right in saying that many things would make sense later. She brought up Ft. Lauderdale, which is where my grandmother had died, sadly a violent death, and brought up my mother was having some anxieties over the it. I had no idea until talking to my mom after that she is going to Ft. Lauderdale for work next week and is nervous about going because she doesn't feel safe! I passed along Lindsay's message that my grandmother is with her and she will be safe. I am just in shock. Also, some names she brought up immediately made sense after hanging up the phone and I feel silly for not thinking of it then! Lindsay is a beautiful soul with a fine-tuned and special gift and I will absolutely be booking with her again.
  • Mariaestela Zoe Gullestrup
    Simply amazing - highly recommended
    Where to start... I had my session with Lindsay about 1 1/2 month ago and wanted to wait leaving feedback because I've kept seeing massive effects from just that one session. I've honestly been blown away by the precision and clarity of the things Lindsay channelled for me. Not only during the session itself but many of the things she mentioned in our session has since clicked completely into place and I've found myself being more and more blown away with her skill. This was my first session with Lindsay but it won't be my last. I came to Lindsay at a time when I felt "someone" was trying to come through without me being able to listen. Lindsay created a beautiful sacred space for a ton of downloads to happen. Like I mentioned, not only during the session itself, but also after. I highly recommend Lindsay and already have. Much Love & Light, Mariaestela
  • Keyon Bayani
    Brilliant Reading!
    Thank you Lindsay for what you do and how you deliver messages. Everything you said and every description you gave was so spot on and confirmed that what I am feeling is not me wishing, or making things up. Today I am walking around with my heart exploding with joy and love! xx
  • Connie Maruschak Prytula
    Accurate and Healing
    Lindsay you are an amazing medium! You were so accurate with my reading and I received so much healing from it. You are such a beautiful soul with so much to share with the world. I would recommend your services to anyone!❤️
  • Michelle Carr-Frahm
    Amazing reading!
    Talking to Lindsay was like talking to one of your girlfriends, with the added bonus that she can also talk to your loved ones on the other side! I came to Lindsay to speak with a specific person on the other side (she did not know that). I got EXACTLY what I was looking for in my reading and heard exactly what I needed to hear to move forward and heal. It has been fun to notice the way my loved ones are communicating with me now that I know what to look for. I see their presence many times a day! Can't thank Lindsay enough for that.
  • Tanner Kennedy
    Intuitive Relationship Coach
    I had a reading with Lindsay last Friday and had a major shift around areas where I was stagnant. I had been seeing some crazy awesome results from my relationship program that helps people get rid of their unhealthy patterns but was having a hard time getting many people to actually purchase it! She pulled out that deep down I believed the results were too good to be true. If I didn't believe the results, how could I really get behind my own program 100% to bring it out into the world on a bigger level? I'm a believer now! On top of that my grandfather came through to give me this message and that was another special blessing as I didn't get to see him before he died but have always felt him around me. Thank you! You are awesome!
  • Katherine Trnka Turpin
    Peaceful and beautiful reading!!
    Lindsay gave me a 30-minute reading that outshone all my hopes. She was spot-on with the information that came through. I liked that she gave me the option of having a mediumship session or a psychic reading (or a hybrid, which I picked). The information I received was really heartwarming and helpfl. I found Lindsay's style to be soft and genuinely compassionate (I cried when my mom, who passed 2.5 years ago) came through. It was a beautiful reading. Thanks, Lindsay!
  • Megan Malkasian
    I can't speak highly enough about Lindsay and her gift. I've been to mediums all over the United States ( and I mean a ton!) NO ONE has ever been as accurate as Lindsay. I've had 3 readings with Lindsay in the past and every single time her readings are spot on or "come true." Some times in a week or a day and others with in a few months. Regardless, she's connected with loved one's on the other side and told me things she could NOT have known and has given me guidance for my daily life and future that helped me and came true. On top of it she's one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She's worked with my son one on one as well. Great with kids. If you are a non-believer in mediumship or question it, you won't after a reading with Lindsay. I guarantee it. :)
  • Harriet McEntire Lanka
    A gift all around
    It was 7am and I was shaking when I got on the phone with Lindsay and coffee wasn't even involved. Something was happening, and though I could feel it. Apparently, my guides were swarming Lindsay with messages for me. Then the FIRST download she got for me hit right home, as in it was a conversation I'd had the previous day, so I had immediate tears. What Lindsay can help you see and feel is such a gift. You've got support all around you, but sometimes you can't see or feel it because your own head, with all its stories is in the way. And that's where she comes in with her powerful skills. So if you're ready to see your own story & purpose more clearly, free from your own head, this is for you. Thanks girl! xx
  • Linda Jacob
    Reading last night
    Hi Lindsay - Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our reading last night. After we were finished so many things fell into place. For example, our brother who likes to "go fast" and we couldn't place it? Well, he liked to jump out of airplanes - that would qualify as "going fast"!!! Also, after we realized our mom's situation with Alzheimer' all totally made sense. We feel so fortunate to be learning and enlightened about all of this. Look forward to chatting again very soon!! Linda and Chris
  • Michelle Holland McReavy
    I am so grateful to Lindsay and her beautiful gifts. Not only is she one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to but she knows exactly how to help you work out your junk. She always goes above and beyond and I feel "fixed" after we speak plus she gives me clear, specific guidance on how to move forward. When I get the feeling I need to reach out to her I never regret it.

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Welcome to my booking website. Here you can find all the services that I provide, choose from available time slots, book an appointment and be reminded before your appointment starts.

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225 USD
50 Minute Phone Reading
Lindsay offers Psychic Readings or Mediumship Readings: ----Psychic Reading: Lindsay uses her energy to connect with your spirit to help guide you in living your best life. She will connect to your past, present, and future. She will give you evidence, so please don't share any information about yourself before your reading. ----Mediumship Reading: Lindsay receives these messages from your Loved Ones that have passed and/or other guardians in your life. She will give you evidence, so please don't share any information about yourself or your Loved One that passed, before your reading.
135 USD
30 Minute Phone Reading (Send E-mail for In Person Request)
Lindsay offers Psychic Readings or Mediumship Readings: Psychic Reading: Lindsay uses her energy to connect with your spirit to help guide you in living your best life. She will connect to your past, present, and future. She will give you evidence, so please don't share any information about yourself before your reading. Mediumship Reading: Lindsay receives these messages from your Loved Ones that have passed and/or other guardians in your life. She will give you evidence, so please don't share any information about yourself or your Loved One that passed, before your reading.
Distance Reiki
15 minutes