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Seeking new agents, leaders, and agency owners in all 50 states! We're intentional about partnering with the right people. Experience isn't required, but ideal candidates will be:  High-integrityOwnership & growth-minded Seeking work/life balance Excited about working with people, motivated to make their lives better Full and part-time available. Typical first-year income for a 35 hr/wk agent is $70K-$100K plus bonuses.


  • Angelique Lantier
    Angel's review
    I give 5 stars to this group. Tracie was super today. She was very informative and friendly. I enjoyed our interview and received such great information about the company and what to expect. I look forward to speaking with Mr. Ken Kraul on Thursday and getting more into the position and hearing more about the agency as well. Thanks for your time and consideration, and for the opportunity to hopefully become an agent and offer this wonderful mortgage protection to these new potential clients. It is dear to my heart since I wish I would have had a policy like this presented to me before my grandad passed away. Things would have been so much more simpler for me and alot less stressful. I know I could provide others with my story and my belief in this type of coverage into purchasing their own and securing their future better than I was able to with my own. Looking forward to the chance to encourage others and provide them with the info needed to make the right choice for themselves. What a blessing. Thanks again Tracie and Ken for your time. Have a blessed day. Sincerely, Angel Hogan

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Select the interview time that's best for you. Please allow about a 30-minute window, as we are working closely with many new agents. Be ready to tell us what resonated with you most in the overview videos, as well as what you would be most excited about finding in a new opportunity. We're looking forward to getting to know you!
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