Kings Education Services
30 South Broadway, 4th Floor North, Yonkers, 10701
We are a related services provider for pre-school and school age children in need of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech / language therapy, and counseling. We are on the Westchester County Providers List.


  • Stacey Popovsky
    Find a Different Agency!!!
    My son has been going to Kings for OT for six weeks. Out of 13 possible sessions, Dr Felix cancelled on him 3 times (including his first session) and arrived 45 minutes late to 2 others. The care is inconsistent and highly disappointing. PLUS, the office is in an unsafe neighborhood in Yonkers. Find a different agency!!!
  • Adrianna Marie Quezada
    I canceled this session
    My son Athan was not seen today unfortunately we couldn’t make it. Out of courtesy I did leave an email and I called left a voice message.
  • Adrianna Marie Quezada
    Staff canceled again second session
    Again my sons Session was canceled by the staff. 9/13 at 6:15pm.
  • Adrianna Marie Quezada
    Staff Canceled first session
    My son Athan Harrison was not seen 9/11 at 6:15pm the staff canceled his first session.
  • Adrianna Marie Quezada
    Adrianna Q. (Athan H. Mother)
    My only issue is inconsistency. A month ago when I was asked my availability for speech services for my son I made it clear that Monday - Friday anytime around 6-630pm would be best for me due to my work schedule and Saturday I’m free anytime. I was told Mondays and Tuesdays at 630pm athan would be scheduled. But gradually my days have been switch all across the week depending on when the therapist was in the office or wasn’t in the office and times have also changed to much later then 630pm. I think more therapist with more flexibility is needed to work with all parents availability.
  • Katherine Diaz
    Speech therapy
    Hi my son go there for speech therapy twice a week for 45 minutes. The therapist it is really nice and professional. The front desk people are nice too. The only thing that I don’t like it is that the games and toys are old and have missing pieces. They need to improve and keep that updated.

Our providers

Dr. Felix Enabosi
Brian Williamson
Licensed Physical Therapist
Hana Spatz Agosto
Speech Language Pathologist
Denise Rutledge

Our services

Speech Language Therapy (Monolingual) - 45 minutes
Monolingual therapy targeting pronunciation and language needs
45 minutes
Speech Language Therapy (Monolingual) - 30 Minutes
Monolingual Speech and Language Therapy - 30 Minute Session
Speech Language Therapy (Bilingual) - 45 minutes
Bilingual services in speech language therapy
Speech Language Therapy (Bilingual) - 30 minutes
30 minute session of bilingual speech therapy
Occupational Therapy - 30 minutes
30 minute session of occupational therapy
30 minutes
Occupational Therapy - 45 minutes
45 minute session of occupational therapy
45 minutes
Physical Therapy - 30 minutes
30 minute session of physical therapy
30 minutes
Physical Therapy - 45 minutes
45 minute session of Physical Therapy
45 minutes
Counseling - Individual
Individual counseling session
30 minutes
Counseling - Group
Group counseling
30 minutes
Counseling - Parent
1 hour
Speech Language Group - 30 minutes
30 minute group session working on language skills
30 minutes