HappiSoul is about assisting you to experience peace, contentment, compassion, joy and ease, all of which are your natural state of being. Alison can support you to release any blocks within your body, mind or soul to reveal that beautiful place within you. This includes any conditioned responses and limiting beliefs that were created based on your past like “Something is wrong with me” and “I’m not good enough”. We create beliefs based on our life experiences and the environment we find ourselves in. When we commit to taking the journey within by getting to know our selves better, using the challenges in our life as opportunities for growth, we are far more equipped to enjoy a colourful life. During a session with Alison she will offer lots of support and use powerful tools like EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, because they work. You can learn more about both of these amazing techniques on our website.


  • Cecilia Blakeley
    Thank you
    Alison is a warm and open EFT coach, who holds an encouraging and safe space for facilitating healing. Through her guidance, I have begun to deal with and let go of baggage I have been carrying around with me for almost 2 decades! Time to get rid of it! Under Alison's tuition, I have also incorporated a daily routine of using EFT in the morning to best support me throughout my day.
  • Magda Bińczycka
    introduction to EFT coaching
    Hi :) I have been in contact with Alison/ Happisoul We have a brief , but very concrete talk. Alison's openness and empathy are really amazing. At the same time she is a very professional coach using inspiration as a method. Magda ( a healer from Copenhagen, Denamrk) <3
  • Cameron Bishop
    Amazing EFT Level 2 - Thanks Alison
    Over the weekend I completed EFT level 2 for the second time and gained so much from this course, not only was the content clearly presented but was targeted to the group attending. It was great to see myself and others attending change and grow in two days, Alison is a master at reading people and it was great to see how simple EFT can be. Over the year and a half, I have been working towards becoming an accredited EFT practitioner Alison has offered professional and supportive, if anyone is looking at any element of EFT, private EFT session, learning EFT through completing EFT Level 1 and then EFT Level 2, either for personal use or going on to becoming a EFT practitioner you will be amazed how much positive change and space for growth this process can help support. Yes, you can have a "HappiSoul".
  • Cat Nyika
    EFT training level 1
    I found Allison to be a very professional, experienced, efficient and enjoyable practitioner and trainer. I felt that I was in very safe hands over the weekend's training program and I came away feeling very excited, inspired and certain that EFT has profound positive impacts on wellbeing. I will definitely continue learning and practicing under Allison's guidance so I can take EFT out into the world.
  • Veronica Bouveng
    I attended a group supervision the other day with Alison, as part of my continuos EFT Practitioner requirement. I love the time I spend with Alison, her funny and warm personality makes learning so much easier. She is also a great source of inspiration and an incredibly skilled coach! Very grateful to learn from you Alison! Many thanks, Veronica
  • Dee Gee
    Happisoul Session
    I had my very first one-one EFT session with Alison last week. From the moment I met her I felt at ease. Her warm and caring nature made it very comfortable for me to work with her on some unresolved issues. I was amazed at how much I got out of my first session of EFT. I definitely felt a shift in energy after my session and this was enough to convince me to continue with more one-one sessions and also to attend the Level 1 EFT Course with Alison to learn more. Thanks again Alison.
  • Jenny Trappiel
    I found my appointment with Alison to be very helpful, she was very thorough helping me with every detail of my problem. Showing kindness and interest while being very professional.
  • Emily Archer
    EFT Mentee
    I booked my mentoring session with Alison over Skype as I live interstate, this was also my first time experiencing EFT over skype, and it was great timing as I had someone booked in with me the day after. Alison put me at ease very quickly as we chatted about our expectations of this developing relationship. I was excited to discover that these sessions also included personal EFT sessions to help with any underlying issues or limiting beliefs that I may have about becoming an EFT Practitioner or about my life in general. So I got to experience Alison at her best, working with me. The session was 90 minutes long and was packed full of EFT, support, advise, empathy and understanding. I even got a follow up phone call the next day to check on me after our session, which was just a fabulous caring added extra. I would highly recommend Alison to assist in your emotional healing, or to be your mentor if you are looking for one. Alison has a great deal of life experience and professionalism to offer.
  • Harriet Cuming
    I found this to be helpful and enlightening, harriet
  • Tiahna Pik
    After my first session with Alison, I had realized that after years of trying many things to help with my depression and anxiety she was the only thing that was going to fix the core problem of my depression. I am so thankful she has shown me how tapping can help me. I 100% recommend tapping to anyone even if there problem is big or small.
  • Peter Evans
    Life Coaching
    Alison has an easy and relaxing manner that belies her skill at being able to get to the 'real' issue rapidly. You walk in thinking you have an agenda on what to work on and then she quickly identifies the actual issues needing work. This is the second time I've worked with her and would recommend her to anyone prepared to explore long lasting solutions to life's challenges.
  • Charlotte Beth
    I have had two sessions with Alison and both have been very friendly and she made me feel really at ease, I almost felt as though I knew Alison already but we had never met before, well not in this lifetime anyway! The outcomes have been positive for me and I would recommend EFT treatment to anyone who is ready to face the truth and let go of past emotions.
  • Deb Fozzie
    EFT Session
    I have recently had an EFT session with Alison to address some issues regarding owing the house of my dreams. I am not a new comer to self development and have experienced many modalities of healing and self development and I was curious to see how EFT compared and how it affects over the weeks after the session. My session with Alison has opened many doors for me to explore my internal patterns and has on a very deep level given me permission to move closer towards my dream home. In practical terms since my session I have allowed myself to look at houses and have begun to see it has a real possibility rather than dismissing it as 'it will never happen for me'. The session has also allowed me to identify blocks I have been creating for myself which have been preventing me from working towards this goal. I don't have the same fear or apathy of addressing these blocks and feel really positive about attaining my goal. Alison kept me on track during the session and at times it was light hearted and fun as I explored my inner workings in all their glory. I knew what the session was about and where we were heading with it and Alison checked in along the way to make sure we were both on the same page. I really liked Alison's clarity and no nonsense approach when grappling with ego and emotion. Thank you
  • Fiona Davis
    Fiona Davis
    Thanks for yesterday Alison. Feeling very relaxed and an overall Calm. The negative self beating up seems to be quite quiet today :) Spent most of the morning miandering around the garden section in Bunnings - feeling very chilled :)
  • Desiree Taylor
    Thank You!
    I recently completed a Level 1 EFT Training Course with Alison. I found her to an educated, inspiring and warm teacher, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. I entered the session thinking I knew a fair bit about EFT and did not have any issues to be worked on, Alison proved me wrong within the first day and I released the cloud that was hanging over my head even though I could not pin point it before. I think EFT is a technique I will use as a lifelong tool for health and happiness and I look forward to starting Level 2 soon. Thank you Alison for all your support and guidance.
  • Léa Charlemagne
    Thank you!
    I’ve been looking for myself my whole life, never sure to ever be the real me. Discovering EFT with Alison was life changing, it is a powerful tool that I can now use for everything. Alison introduced me to it the best way possible and I felt an immediate connection with her. I today have answers that I wasn't expecting to reach in only three sessions and I know I can go further. I can’t thank her enough!
  • Joanne Caldwell
    Tapping Group
    Lovely time Very Helpful Alison, you had some very good suggestions
  • Mell Symonds
    Supervision Session
    There is something to be said when after an hour of using Skype to do a supervisory session with Alison, that you finish & realise that for the last hour you were talking not in the same room, but over a screen & miles away from each other. So it comes down to the skill & person-ability that Alison has, to convey genuine warmth & congruence throughout my session today, in my past classes & in Therapy when I spent a day with Alison at the beginning of the year. It's always there. What an amazing ability you have with this Tapping Tool Al :)
  • Nadia Stilo-Sosa
    I CAN!
    Thank you Alison! With only a few sessions, I felt a shift inside of me. My outlook was healthier and realistic! I became aware of the real me. The struggles I went through are now my strengths. Now I CAN. I Can make changes, I Can support myself. I Can support others in a healthy relationship. I Can take time out for me. I Can give quality time to my loved one. I Can achieve my goals. And I am successful!
  • Justine Ruszczyk
    Testimonial for EFT Practitioner Training
    I have been using EFT for several years both personally and professionally as a coach and facilitator of healing. Upon my decision to move to the USA I decided to get certified in order to solidify my credentials for the overseas market. Alison's course and facilitation far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I enjoy the confirmation that I had been practicing this powerful technique correctly, but I learned many new tools and techniques that allowed me to take my ability to the next level of service for my clients. Alison's experience and passion for this work is tangible and she created an incredible and safe space for the group over the weekend which enabled us to not only explore Tapping as a tool for others, but to also experience significant and transformational shifts for ourselves on a personal level. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone wanting to explore EFT and it's benefits at a deeper level, whether you want to be a practitioner or not. Thank you Alison for your love, kindness, compassion, wisdom and experience. I feel blessed to have you as my mentor. Gratitude, appreciation and warm fuzzy love Justine
  • Naciye Ergun
    Desperately seeking a balanced life
    After a long wait I have finally completed level 1 workshop with Alison. I came away a very calm more at peace with myself. With a taste of what I can get out of Alison's training. I found Alison to be a very warm down to earth very good at what she does which gives me confidence that I am in he right place with the right couch (teacher&trainer). I've always believed eft worked. But it was something out there not available to everyone and certainly not to me. Thanks to Alison it is in my sight there for the taking and with Alison it is possible for me. Can't wait to do level 2. I feel Alison's support and encouragement behind me. I recommend Alison's workshops very highly to everyone. Nancy Sydney
  • Nadia Stilo-Sosa
    Thank you!
    Alison thank you for all your care & attention. You deliver your help in an individual & tailored approach. I walked away feeling refreshed! And I'm really looking forward to our next session!
  • Amy Down
    Happy after HappiSoul EFT Session
    Alison is a very gifted EFT facilitator. In my session with Alison she was clearly present and listening deeply. With her expert guidance, I uncovered some deeply imbedded limiting beliefs that have kept me from moving forward in healing from CFS and in my business as a holistic health coach and blogger. Together we uncovered previously unknown territory; this was especially exciting because I wasn't even aware of these blocks and now that they are conscious I know where my work is! Alison skillfully helped me face my fear and sadness and move past it with compassion, love and acceptance of what I had done and who I was because of it. Thank you Alison for our powerful EFT session and I look forward to many more, peeling the onion layers, to reveal the true, happy and healthy me.
  • Sara Dobson
    Thank you Alison
    I've recently come to Alison and quickly rebooked after such a successful first session. Alison is super lovely, warm and has a wonderful ability to quickly identify trouble areas. I wholeheartedly believe in the practice of EFT and have benefited from it from time and time again. The shifts I have had with Alison were been huge and I am so grateful for her knowledge and dedication to the practice.
  • Violetta Kola
    One on One Day
    My session with Alison was so up lifting, if found Alison's spirit to be so warm and inviting. HappiSoul one on one day gave me the tools to revisit the possibility of finding my true self , which can get lost along the way with different traumas within our lives. Thank you for helping me find myself!
  • Jana Dolezalova
    Thank you
    I have worked with Alison for over 2 years now, with her being both my coach & trainer, and someone I consider to be my mentor. She has always professional yet empathetic & sensitive to my needs and completely respectful of my boundaries. Alison seems to have an innate ability to recognise the main issues at hand & can help to actually clear them. It’s like she ‘just knows’ what I am thinking/feeling at times… even before I do! Her guidance, expertise, encouragement, and discipline have been paramount to me working through some deep-seated issues that at one stage seemed impassable. Thank you so much!

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Coaching with Alison
EFT – EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES You deserve to have peace and balance as this is the essence of who you are. Why not empower yourself by allowing me to guide you to release the negative energies from within your mind, body and soul allowing you to restore to a more natural state of being a happy and content soul.
Path to Peace Tapping Group - 1st Wed of the Month
Come along – Meet up with other Tappers! Bring along friends/family Receive benefits when we tap together as a group Open to new possibilities you didn’t even knew existed Become aware and clear the blocks to attaining peace, happiness and success Refine & learn new tapping techniques Join us to “Tap it out” All welcome, no experience needed
EFT Group Supervision
3 hours of AAMET approved group supervision.
A Day with me
1 on 1 with Alison addressing limiting beliefs, trauma's, and patterns that keep you stuck. Includes 1hour follow up session. One 6 hour session 10am to 3pm
EFT Level 1: 21-22 February 2018 in Brisbane ($495)
Saturday 9-5pm Sunday 9-2pm
EFT Level 2: 24-25 February 2018 in Brisbane ($750)
This is run on Saturday and Sunday 9-5pm

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165 AUD
1 hr Coaching Session
Breaking through the emotional baggage that holds you back can be daunting, that’s where I come in!
195 AUD
1hr 30 min Coaching session
Breaking through the emotional baggage can be hard, thats where I come in!
695 AUD
A Day with me - Move on up!
1 on 1 with Alison addressing limiting beliefs, trauma's, and patterns that keep you stuck. This program enables you to finally let go of repeating the ‘same old, same old’, and truly believe in yourself and your self worth, guided by an expert at locating and releasing out old patterns and limiting beliefs about your life, including relationships, that is the relationship with yourself first. Package consists of: 2 x 1.5 hrs of power session's. 10am and 1.30pm 1 hour vision boarding. 11.30-12.30pm 1 EFT coaching follow up session to be used within 4 wks. Lunch included 10am to 3pm.
5 hours
465 AUD
3 x 1 Hour Coaching sessions (save $30)
Committed to lasting change? Delve deeper with 3x Sessions Clear Root Causes Clarity Arises Fresh Approach & Direction Please note: The 3 hours are to be used within 6 weeks of purchase
165 AUD
1 hr Coaching Session via Skype
Breaking through the emotional baggage that holds you back can be daunting, that’s where I come in!
195 AUD
1hr 30 min Coaching session via Skype
Breaking through the emotional baggage that holds you back can be daunting, that’s where I come in!

Workshops & Path to Peace Tapping group

495 AUD
AAMET Accredited EFT Level 1 - Foundation - (1.5 days)
12 hour course over 1.5 days. This workshop is experiential, you will have fun whilst learning all the basics of EFT to assist you to become confident at tapping on yourself, family and friends. During this workshop you will learn all the basics of EFT and how to apply it to yourself and others. This is run on Saturday from 9-5pm and Sun from 9-2pm
8 hours
750 AUD
AAMET Accredited EFT Training Level 2 - Advanced (2 days)
2 full days Sat/Sun Level 2 EFT Workshop will teach you the essential EFT advanced techniques and skills that are needed to receive the most from using the EFT tapping technique. These are the most important EFT skills and techniques that open the door to deeper emotional healing and consistent results. These skills will assist you to make greater changes personally and or with your potential new clients!
8 hours
25 AUD
Path to Peace Tapping Group 6:30-8:00pm 1st Wed Month
Come along – Meet up with other Tappers! Bring along friends/family Receive benefits when we tap together as a group Open to new possibilities you didn’t even knew existed Become aware and clear the blocks to attaining peace, happiness and success Refine & learn new tapping techniques Join us to “Tap it out” All welcome, no experience needed With the increasing rush of life and Internet social media becoming the norm of communication, we need time to reconnect with like-minded people in a safe and loving environment. We use tapping on meridian points to release blocks that are in the way of you feeling happy, at peace, in your groove, motivated.
1 hour 30 minutes
180 AUD
EFT Group Supervision
3 hrs of the required supervision for Practitioner status. Includes marking of 4 case studies and feedback. Some of the topics we will cover during our group supervision: We may not get to go into depth with all of these Writing up case studies Taking care of yourself and knowing your capabilities Importance of building rapor Managing Overwhelm Keep your client safe Requirements for maintaining AAMET registration/accreditation Handling difficult clients Importance of checking in with clients.
3 hours
165 AUD
Internet/phone addiction and restoring balance
A powerful and interactive morning workshop Bring your phones and laptops and prepare yourself for transformation and FUN! We will be discovering: • What drives you to “check in all the time” • The importance of being in the NOW and releasing your fears • What beliefs are you creating and reinforcing? Included in the workshop • Establishing your current habits and how this affects your life • Tapping to Clear the drivers and anxiety • Transforming limiting beliefs “Be prepared to make some radical changes and discover the power within changing your habits and create new ones that support you and your family.”
4 hours


There are no servcies attached to this category

15 minute complementary Consult.

15 minute complementary Consult.
Let' have a chat! Sometimes that little bit if info or encouragement is all you need to take ACTION and feel better.
15 minutes