Free Your Life
51 Baffin Crt, Richmond Hill, L4B 4P6
Helping you feel great, transform your life, and live your wildest dreams. Free your life offers a proven technique to release negative emotions and reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs, using a method that combines EFT Tapping, the Law of Attraction, and energy therapy.


  • Alessandro Berga
    Don’t Take The Truth Personal
    After my first session, I saw that healing can be a quietly loud awakening. It’s not all love and light. It’s deep digging into the nitty gritty and breaking down to discover yourself and after it all, you feel on the road to be free. Staying hurt is a choice, a choice that most people make because they run away from healing. I, unconsciously, was making that choice. Then I found in Kelly the trusted EFT Gazelle to run into the jungle of my own healing. I will say that her don’t take the truth personal approach was a powerful blessing to experience because she knew how to tell it and tie it without alienating you. Then driving back home, I realized that we may manifest more by letting go than we do by holding on. An important law in this universe that seems paradoxical but that we all eventually must learn. I love and accept myself. Bless you Kelly.
  • Anna Wasylenki
    Breakthrough Time
    Great session, Kelly is a pro and really got to the core of some emotions I had been repressing! The technique is a bit awkward but once you surrender to it was some of the best therapy I've ever had!
  • Erica Taylor
    So I finally went...and it's working!
    I have known Kelly for many years, but was never really sure if this technique would work for me. Turns out it is doing more for me than I had imagined possible. Kelly is calm and compassionate as she creates the perfect phrases to help elicit the emotions that you need to work through. When you are ready, definitely book a session with Kelly to help you on your journey.
  • Brett Lougheed
    What can I say? She has made a difference in my life!!
    I was introduced to Kelly through a mutual friend. The first session I had with Kelly was nerve racking. Unsure if this technique was for me. Since then I’ve had several sessions since and we had discovered that there was a lot from my childhood that I had tried to burry. The more honest you are with yourself and Kelly the more you will get out of this. Kelly’s confidential, none judgemental and she will call a spade a spade in a polite way. I’ve already recommended a few other people to her services and I will continue to do so. She’s changing one life, one session at a time.. Thank you Kelly for the services that you provide! Keep doing this great work!!! It’s changing the collective conscience!!
  • Carol Correa
    On the spot every time!
    Wanted to update. I gave 5 stars!!!
  • Carol Correa
    In the spot every time!
    Working with Kelly has been amazing! She's patient, funny, non-judgmental, patient, and really listens. I am deeply appreciative of the work she's done with me. Breakthroughs galore!! Thanks Kelly!