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  • Melvin Cordova
    Irish Blast - Kilkenny!
    Finally I was able to find a professional location and friendly staff to make my favorite beer. The experience was fun and the results impressive! Highly recommend it and we will definitely be back!
  • Phaedra Boyd
    Saturday Brew Fun!
    Had a fun Saturday at TCOB. Bought a make your own brew session for my boyfriend and he really enjoyed! We enjoyed deciding how much or how little beer we wanted with the pour your own choices. The staff was also very friendly and knowledgeable. We’ll definitely be back!!
  • Michael Warren
    Fun Brewing
    Great staff and great way to spend the day.
  • Monte Hawkins
    Day of Brewing
    What a fun experience. Great staff and cool facility.
  • Susan Chapins
    Really fun unique experience
    I came with my boyfriend, dad, brother and his wife. I had purchased a brew sessions for my brother and his wife for their birthdays as they enjoy exploring different breweries and one for my boyfriend and me. He is a beer lover, I am more of a wine person. They have a variety of beers, so everyone was able to find a few different beers they liked, including myself. Travis was super friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was great. They had several table top games and pool tables to pass the time as well as delivery menus to order food. The process could take up to 4-5 hours. We will definitely be back to enjoy their beers and probably create some more of our own.
  • Kevin Zak
    Another great experience at TCoB!
    First time I brewed, I didn’t know what to expect. The expert brewers walked me through the process and answered all questions I had about my recipe. This second time was just the same, even though I had even more questions than before. Their love of brewing shows through their knowledge and attention to customers! I will definitely be back again!
  • Gilberto Ramos
    Awesome experience.
    My son (11yrs) and I had a great time. The atmosphere was great and we both really enjoyed our time brewing. It became a beer experience once I drank the beer we made. It was awesome! Will definitely brew here again.
  • B&D Gressett
    Fun and great experience!
    My wife got me a brew session for my birthday and now after bottling I am a member! Lots of brew sessions in my future with 3 more already booked. Best idea ever! Great staff and experience! Highly recommend
  • Alexa Severo
    Wow, just wow! I visited Craft of Brewing to brew a beer using the Groupon I bought. It was a wonderful experience! I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends, drinking beer, as we took part in the entire process. The best part was that I made the beer for my 30th birthday party. I then had my birthday party at the brewery a few weeks later. The owner and his staff were super helpful in setting this up for me. Definitely worth going there! Everyone should brew their own beer at some point in their life! Had the best time and got to drink some amazing beer!
  • Patrick Kaylor
    Great experience!
    The team at TCOB was awesome from start to finish. I had a few questions and requests that weren't common but didn't back down from the challenge and ready to step up and deliver. And that is exactly what they did! Bill, our brew master, was especially great. He did a great job explaining the process and their system. Even though it wasn't my first time brewing it was nice to see and hear how there system worked and also see where my methodology differed from theirs. Overall it was a great experience and I would highly recommend them.... Can wait to try my Irish whiskey red alert in a few weeks. Cheers!
  • Kevin Zak
    Easy brewing!
    I had never brewed beer and was a little anxious, but the master brewers at TCOB walked me through everything. Such an easy process, and it produced an amazing thanksgiving IPA! Will definitely go back soon!
  • Johnny Barnes
    What a great time!
    Make beer using their grain, hops, equipment, learn from the brewmasters, play pool and drink beer, then let them clean up. Man, what a great staff and fun place.
  • Dan Sweet
    Beer: It couldn't be more simple to make good beer
    My wife and I are new to brewing. We'd heard stories about the process and expected a chore. Jay and the rest of the team at TCOB have eliminated the mess and heavy-lifting, so it couldn't be easier to make good beer. The team is attentive, offering suggestions when necessary and are open to adapting recipes. They enjoy beer as much as we do, and work to make sure we're happy with our results. We actually have all of the equipment at home to brew our own beer, but we'll come back to TCOB instead. It's THAT awesome!
  • Jermaine Moore
    Awesome Brewery!!
    TCOB has an awesome team that are knowledgeable on Beer making (Jay) and they have a good selection of beers on self-pored taps. Got to go there and make a home brew!!!
  • Jeannie Moore Puentes
    Great place!
    So fun and informative to brew at The Craft of Brewing! Free pool tables and bright open space.

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Our services

20L Stations (4-8 Stations Available)

20L Brew Session
20 liter brew stations allow you to brew approximately 5.2 gallons of beer. Typical brews should yield approximately two case of beer (48 bottles) with a 20L session. 20L brews can also be done using the 50L kettles with an insert. 
4 hours

50L Brew Stations (8 Stations Available)

50L Brew Session
50 liter brew sessions allow you to brew approximately one keg of beer. Typical brews should yield approximately 5 cases of beer (24 bottles per case) but expect to get anywhere from 5-7 cases with a brew session. Definitely your best value costing approximately $12-$16 per gallon! Bottle or keg the beer to take home.
4 hours

Other Bookings: Dry Hopping / Bottling / Kegging

Book our professional bottler to automatically carbonate and pressurize your bottled beer. In order to use our bottler you must use our bottles. If you've brewed with us before, bring in your used bottles and just get new caps!
2 hours
Book this service to transfer your beer from fermentation to your keg. If you need a keg, ask us about keg rentals. 
1 hour
Dry Hopping
Some beer recipes require dry hopping through the process. Schedule your slot to dry hop your beer here. Plan on approximately 15 mins to dry hop. 
1 hour