Clinton's Free Clinic
An online roleplay pregnancy and fertility clinic.


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Our providers

Dr Clinton Fullstop
A certified Mama Allpa and Deciduan physician. Available for your obstetric and gynecological needs.

Our services

This is a roleplay or non-roleplay service. The doctor will answer any questions you may have and explain our services.
30 minutes
Prenatal Exam - Initial Exam
This is a roleplay service. We can offer your initial exam as early as day 25. An initial exam is required for our other prenatal services or delivery.
1 hour
Prenatal Exam - Ultrasound
This is a roleplay service. This service requires an initial exam. We offer ultrasounds as early as 4 weeks (day 25) and as often as you prefer. Our doctors and nurses have excellent accuracy, with number of babies as early as week 8, and gender as early as week 12. Family members and partners are welcome at every ultrasound.
30 minutes
Prenatal Exam - Paternity Test
This is a roleplay service, and requires that have a previous initial exam.
1 hour
Gyn - Checkup
This is a full roleplay Service. Whether you have questions about your HUD, or just need your yearly checkup, our doctors are available for walk-in checkups, consultations, and exams. Each doctor has undergone an intense test of their knowledge, and you can be sure is an expert in even the most detailed of settings.
1 hour
This is a roleplay service, and requires that have a previous initial exam by one of our doctors. This will allocate an hour of a doctor's time to assist in your birth. You must bring any roleplay baby to the birth. Feel free to message your doctor with any questions you may have.
1 hour