Beaumont Dental Hygiene Studio
3211 62 Street, Beaumont, T4X 1T6
A home-based dental hygiene clinic, providing to your dental hygiene needs. Direct billing available to most insurance companies.


  • Jahan Saaedi
    Jahan S
    I had the best teeth cleaning and polishing today with Jacquelyn. I have been looking for a good hygienist for a while. She did a great and in depth work on my teeth and I was comfortable on the chair during her work. The office looks nice and so clean using high quality materials and equipment. She did a detailed work to check my cavities, gum conditions with providing efficient advices for oral health. Her communication skills are great and she is very helpful with my insurance.
  • Michele C
    Great experience
    Comfortable, relaxed, professional atmosphere. She explained what she was doing and why. Will definitely be going back to her.
  • Patricia Vanier
    Excellent svc
    Clean, relaxed atmospere. Professional, knowledgable and easy going. Thx for the great clean.

Our providers

Jacquelyn Fleming
Jacquelyn graduated with a Diploma in dental hygiene and her Bachelor of Science degree both from the University of Alberta. She is the owner of Beaumont Dental Hygiene Studio and excited to meet you and your family.

Our services

New client periodontal debridement -adult
This appointment is for all new adult clients. The services provided for this appointment are based on individual need and preference and may include: - periodontal debridement (scaling/root planing) - polish - fluoride
1 hour 15 minutes
New client periodontal debridement -child
This is for all new clients under the age of 18. All children must be accompanied with a parent/guardian in order to fill out medical/dental questionnaire and sign consent form. Services are provided on individual need and may include: - scaling - polish - fluoride
45 minutes
Routine care appointment -adult
This is for any person who is over the age of 14 that requires additional scaling appointments throughout the year. This appointment can also be used for people in orthodontic appliances (braces/invisalign). Services provided in this appointment are primarily scaling/root planing and may also include polish and fluoride
45 minutes
Routine care appointment -child
This is for returning child clients. Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Services provided are dependent on individual need and may include: scaling, polish, fluoride
30 minutes
Toddler visit
This is for children under the age of 4. This time can be used as a first dental visit and may include services such as polish and fluoride.
30 minutes