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Phone: +1 (315) 210-8338
Address: Place des Cines, 06560, Valbonne, France

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  • Darilni bom, Katja Drev r544-15
    Poslnao po pošti 3.3.2015...
  • 10% korting op uw jaarlijks onderhoud!
    Boek uw jaarlijks onderhoud voor uw sterilisator in maart en krijg uitzonderlijk 10% korting!...
  • Ooga Booga
  • Darilni Bon 043
    Darilni Bon 2-3 Osebe...
    Book you a session with us today and receive 40% Off your price! If you book on a Monday you'll receive our Monday Funday Discount and get an additional 5% off! Limited time......

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  • 03.03.2015 23:18
    很棒的洗車經驗, 老闆很好聊喔~ ^__^
  • 03.03.2015 20:25
    I understand more on how to do a proper case study and a proper assignment.
  • 03.03.2015 20:24
    Karma is 15 and has had health issues that cause weakness in her back legs. She used to swim at river or beach but the coldness of the water made her pull up Lane afterwards. With the heated water she thoroughly enjoyed her swim and afterwards was more stable on her legs (even had a few good shakes without falling over). Today, day after, she is moving easier and seems lots more flexible. AWESOME will be back (is worth the 40 mins drive either way)
  • 03.03.2015 17:28
    - men når vi først fant servicekontoret var det god service.
  • 03.03.2015 16:54
    Я забронировал квест, приехал с товарищем. Мне пришло подтверждение брони и напоминание. Но дверь в квест не открывалась, сколько бы я не звонил, телефон квеста предательски молчал! Я проверил сайт и соц.сети, не было информации о том, что квест не работает или что-то еще! Наконец, я смог дописаться до кого из группы в вк и получил ответ, что квест работает сегодня с 15 и я могу получить жалкую скидку в 500 рублей на следующий раз! Отвратительный подход!
  • 03.03.2015 16:40
    Jerrell is a very nice and considerable person. We had a very impressive conversation over the phone. He actually helped me know myself better. As a new graduate, I didn't have a clear idea about what kind of skills that I have can help me fit in my career better. He explored things with me from his professional point of view. I have known not only what job positions I could start with, but also how to grow in the future. I'm very looking forward to the first draft. Thanks Jerrell.
  • 03.03.2015 15:12
    The service is good .must give 15% for regular customer.....
  • 03.03.2015 14:33
  • 03.03.2015 14:33
  • 03.03.2015 14:33

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  • United Kingdom, Rochdale, Molesworth Street,
    Balance and Breathe offers you a range of tools and services to help you manage and control the impact of stress in your life, and guide you to a stress free life...
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    Taxi Services at Low prices. Athens Greece transport Services. Airport tranfer, private tours, hotel transport....
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  • HappiSoul is about assisting you to experience peace, contentment, compassion, joy and ease, all of which are your natural state of being. I can help you to release any blocks within your body, mind or soul to reveal that beautiful place within you. This includes any limiting beliefs you’ve stored up in your ‘closet’, we all create beliefs from our life experiences its what we then make them mean that can cause the Dis-Ease, ie limiting instead of supporting beliefs. When we commit to taking the journey within by getting to know our selves better, using the challenges in our life as opportunities for growth, we are far more equipped to enjoy a colourful life. During my sessions I offer lots of support and use powerful tools like EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, because they work. You can learn more about both of these amazing techniques on our website.
    Australia, Sydney, 2096, Wyuna Avenue, Freshwater
  • 123 Spanish Tutor is a language school to learn Spanish through Skype lessons using task-based learning and working only with professional and experienced teachers.
    Spain, León, Castile and León, Calle de Ordoño III,
  • Put information here about you as the first service performer in the system. You can add other performers inside the system and each can have his own description.
    United Kingdom, London, England, Storey's Gate,
  • Welcome to House Of Massage Green Day Spa your #1 choice in Holistic care! Experience a wide variety of massage, facial, spa treatments and waxing services! Our goal is to give you the most incredible experience you can find in Martinez, Georgia and the CSRA! Enjoy your choice of: Swedish, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Massage Cupping... and More! European, Classic, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion... and More! Herbal Body Wraps, Parffin, Sugar/Salt Glow....and More! Brows, Facial, Body, and Brazilian Waxing! **Please note if you have purchased a Groupon Coupon via the Groupon website we request that you call to schedule your appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate your purchase and are looking forward to serving you.**
    United States of America, Martinez, 30907, 4434 Columbia Road, Suite 107
    (706) 530 - 1619 / (706) 496-8249
  •   At Fiscal Fitness, our goal is simple- to take the stress out of money. Every day we’re empowering individuals and couples to change how they spend and save their money. We help our clients develop a simple, customized process for managing what comes in and what goes out.  Welcome to my booking website. Here you can find times available for appointments, schedule your next meeting, and receive a reminder beforehand. All appointments are in Arizona's Mountain Standard time zone! We do not observe Dailylight Saving Time. Please schedule your appointment accordingly!
    United States of America, 85281, Tempe, AZ, 1801 S Jentilly Lane, Suite D14
  • Welcome to Aesthetic Rejuvenation where we focus on YOU! Dr. Greene and Kathy Aronson, RN, take pride in providing the very best for your skin care needs. We specialize in injectables and laser services including laser skin resurfacing (Fraxel), hair removal and intense pulsed light treatments. We strive to provide a natural, non-operated appearance, helping clients match their external appearance with their internal youthfulness.
    United States of America, Campbell, CA 95008, 1570 La Pradera Drive
  •                                                                         Reason for Rating  67 reviews  See all reviews from around the web › Google+     R&R Carpet Cleaning Houston Tx (3) Rooms $99 Yes we all love our pets!  Unfortunately with pets in the home, you should be having your carpet professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months.  Regular vacuuming provides the first line of defense against dirt and grit that damages carpet fibers, but carpets also need regular professional cleaning to keep them looking their best. Properly cleaned and maintained carpet will last twice as long. Quality pros charge according to the type of carpeting, the services you need and the size of the job. The entire process can take one to three...
    United States of America, Houston, 77072, 11634 Rowan Lane
  • Welcome sister or brother, Klara here, you found the right place to book your skype session with me ♥  Note: * Please start with clicking 'service' and choose appropriately * The free sessions 'coaching sessions ONLY for women in Priestess training Year 2' are really ONLY for them! They prepaid ;-) * Your first session U Coaching is really FREE and available to all leaders and changemakers * all times in Amsterdam time
    Netherlands, Online through skype
  • Beautiful Image Microcurrent: Facial & Body Sculpting A Cosmetic Miracle... Low cost. No undesired side effects. Safe. Painless. Effective. Long-Lasting. All Natural. 100% Beneficial. Results After the 1st Treatment. Click Here to Give Your Body, Mind, Emotions, Skin & Spirit Some Love ! If needles, redness & pain scare you, fear no more. An effective, natural, non-surgical treatment using micro-currents can give the same effect as intense laser treatments & face-lifts. Deliverting micro currents through stainless steel probes, Beautiful Image Facial & Body Sculpting tightens & tones muscles while increasing collagen & elastin.    This relaxing treatment rejuvenates the skin & body tissue at a cellular level, which has the effect of: diminishing wrinkles, hydrating skin & tightening the buttocks, thighs, love handles, tummy, butterfly wings, neck, jowls, chin, cheeks, eyes - the whole face & body.    In...
    United States of America, Glencoe, Il., 60022, 630 Vernon Ave., Suite F
    (708) 406.9234
  • Denise Macey is a fully qualified, insured and registered Massage Therapist.  Her therapies are created to suit women and men which is tailored to the individuals specific needs.   Her treatment room is located in a private ground floor treatment room based in Marden, Kent which is only a short walk from Marden train station.   After a consultation, the massage will take place on a warm and comfortable massage couch, with ambient music to help produce a relaxing environment.
    United Kingdom, TN12 9JX, Marden, , 1 Edwin Villas,, Goudhurst Road
    07957 691 690
  • Ionic Detox Foot Baths: Remove Cellular debris and Toxins from the Body in 30 Minutes Naturally. Ear Candling: For those who suffer from excessive wax, ear infections and sinus conditions. Facials: For every skin type we'll make you look and feel Great! Anti Aging treatments. Look up to 14 years younger with no Surgery or Injections Guaranteed. Acne Treatments and products. Clear your skin and look Great!! Waxing and Threading. Remove excess hair from your body. Natural Vitamins and Supplements: Keep your body healthy and pure with Natural supplementation. Alkaline Oxygenated Water: To improve your body's ph levels and give you more endurance. Himalayan Salt Treatments and products: For people with respiratory ailments. Salt Baskets and Lamps to infuse your home with negative Ions for a healthy environment. Works well for Pets too! Weight Loss Program and Supplements: Know your body type and how to lose weight using our D.N.A. testing kits. Then create a program to fit your needs.
    United States of America, Merrick, 11566, 2324 Merrick Rd.
  • Trinity Healthcare offers affordable massage and muscle therapies for those in need of relaxation or the treatment of aches, pains, strains or sprains! In addition to our restful massage therapies and muscle recoveries we also offer Reflexology sessions and Lymphatic Drainage for clients needing to get ahead in the detox challenge Why not treat yourself or someone else to a treat. Plan an hour with us and see for yourself if Trinity is for you Please Note:  Our body therapist is male. If you are uncomfortable with this we apologise but we cannot offer an alternative therapist at this time therefore we must graciously let you call another service provider.      
    United Kingdom, Bromsgrove, B60 2RJ, 3 Avalon Road,
    07519 327826
  • Michael Nobbs is and artist, blogger and tea drinker (not necessarily in that order). In the late 1990s he was diagnoses with ME/CFS and over the years has leant a lot about maintaining a creative life with limited energy.
    United Kingdom, Aberystwyth, SY23 4RR, 2 Gilwern, Cnwch Coch
  • Randall is a Certified Reiki Master.  He is very in tune with his clients and dedicates his spare time to educating and training the public on holistic services.   So What Is Reiki? Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) is a form of hands on healing, with its origins in India and the East dating back many thousands of years to the time before Christ and Buddha. The original name, disciplines and techniques of Reiki were lost due to the traditional method of passing knowledge from generation to generation by word of mouth. Exactly when this ancient art of healing disappeared is difficult to determine. However, we do know that it was rediscovered by a Japanese Scholar and monk name Dr Mikao Usui. It was in fact Dr Usui who fashioned the name REIKI meaning Universal (REI) Life Force (KI). Reiki is holistic; it works on the body mind and spirit by stimulating a person’s own natural healing abilities. The blocked emotional and physical elements that lead to illness and disease are cleared. Reiki is...
    United States of America, Kansas, Ohio, 44841, 7764 State Route 635
    (800) 806-5778
  • Photography by Sonia. Book your shoot now!
    United States of America, San Diego, California, Imperial Avenue,
  • Welcome to Soldiers Rd booking website: Portrait sittings are allocated in 30 minute slots. Please ensure that you consult the dates provided in the booking process for your desired venue. These 30 minute slots allow for groups of up to 5 persons. If your group is between 6-10 persons, please book your group for two consecutive booking slots at your desired venue. Please check with all whanau members that you are not double booking your portrait group. Please ensure you enter your email address correctly at the time of your booking as you will recieve a confirmation email. There is a max of 2 consecutive sitting slots per group. Booking more than this may result in your bookings being nullified. If you have a sitting group of 11 or more, please contact us @ Please turn up for your booking, or if you are unable to attend please cancel it so that some one else may take your spot.   Prices: Individual portrait of one person, regardless...
    New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland, Boston Road,
  • Put information here about you as the first service performer in the system. You can add other performers inside the system and each can have his own description.
    United States of America, Fort Lauderdale, 33316, 2150 SE 17th Street
  • United States of America, Jacksonville, Florida, E Union St,
  • Hair salons seem to be popping up like mushrooms all over town, but how do you decide which one is the one for you? Many men are uncomfortable paying high prices for an "overly-styled 'do", but at the same aren't rushing to visit the old barbers which are usually full with older men who just "want the same cut I've had for the past 20 years".   If this sounds like you, well, the opening of THB (The Hairdressers Barbershop) is gonna be a dream come true!   Combining London street charm with first class hairdressing skills, THB barbers can cut, shave and shear a masterpiece on your head while you sit back and relax to music from the 20's, in a cosy atmosphere that will transport you back to the era of the gentleman.   Need your whiskers trimmed and shaped? Take your pick from the many different beard styles Kervin & Samson can bring to life with a good ol' hot towel shave. Ladies don't get left behind either as these L'Oreal-certified hairdressers are just as home making the girls...
    Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu, 88300, Sabah, Jalan Pintas,
  • Welcome to Luxury Sweet Escape's FORMER online booking page. We have recently changed online booking programs and we invite you to try our NEW system out!  (if link doesn't work, copy and paste into your browser)  
    United States of America, Plano, 4140 Legacy Drive, Suite #30